In the very heart of the Olympic Center „Jahorina”, on an exceptional location for skiing, at an altitude of 1650 meters, a facility was designed that nurtures the memory of its predecessor who was there for many years. The apartment hotel „Jahorina” with its position builds on the configuration of the terrain, providing an incredible view of the mountainous landscapes and the ski slope Prača.

With its extremely rich content, the apartment hotel „Jahorina” meets a variety of needs. It offers customers accommodation services, use of the convention centre, restaurant, gym, spa and many other facilities. The unique capacity of the spa centre with 5 pools, provides a complete experience for users both in summer and winter. The direct access from the facility to the ski slope „Prača” and the ski bar, provide skiers with a unique and unforgettable experience. The underground spacious garage on 3 floors, designed as part of the facility, provides a sufficient number of parking spaces. The contents of this facility under all world trends provide this facility with life and comfort throughout the year. The combination of ski tourism, summer vacation, convention facilities, good time, a top spa centre and unique swimming pools with an indispensable gastronomic experience, created a unique facility. When designing the building itself, the topography and context of the location itself were taken into account, which were transferred to the dimensions by careful design and selection of materials, thus forming a unique example of the synthesis of tourism, nature and architecture. The reinterpretation of the traditional local artistic and symbolic expression of the applied materials, colours, textures and shapes, gives this building a unique note of modern architecture imbued with the local context.


Imate mogućnost da u realnom vremenu pratite napredak radova na izgradni hotela Jahorina Mountain Resort & Spa.

Ispratite aktuelnu situaciju na gradilištu, kao i u neposrednom okruženju samog kompleksa, koji se trenutno gradi na samoj ski stazi.

Ukoliko snimak na sajtu nije vidljiv zbog vremenskih uslova na planini, idite na link: https://vivo.ba/livestream/index.html